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Bulk Wedding And Party Favors!

On Sale! Was $39.95, Now $26.95 - Anthon Berg 64 Count - Since 1884 Anthon Berg began his production of filled chocolates, his name has been synonymous with exquisite quality. Net weight is 2.2lb or 1kg.

$65.95 - Baci 28 Count Quadplex - 112 pieces of Baci Chocolates, a best buy for party.

$56.95 - Baci 96 Count - Great for do it yourself favors. 96 Pieces net weighs 3.02Lb or 1.37kg.

$16.95 - Cellas Milk Chocolate 72 Count - 100% Liquid Center Milk Chocolate Covered Cherries by Cella's Confection's famous since 1864.

On Sale! $19.95, was $24.95 - Ferrero Rocher Raffaello - Individually Wrapped Ferrero Raffaello is a Crispy, Creamy Almond Coconut Treat.

$21.95 - Toblerone Mini 60 Count - A Product Of Switzerland, A Famous Swiss Milk Chocolate Bar With Honey And Almond Nougat. 60 Individually Wrapped Mini Bars, Each bar weighs .44oz or 12.5grams - total net weight 26.4oz or 750grams.

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Note: Anthon Berg Liqueurs Contain Alcohol And Are Not Suitable For People Under Age 21

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